Jakub Maliszewski

Since the 6th grade of primary school, I've been building and programming my own electronic circuits. Of course, those aren't just some boring led blinkers - I'm more into things such as Smart Home, drones and wireless light or electronic controllers for model rockets. Also, I love learning new skills just as much as I do team-working, which helped me gather all of my knowledge, on which I will surely base my future, starting from the FIRST Robotics Competition.


Kazimierz Ciaś

Ever since 4th grade, thanks to an amazing IT teacher, I've been interested in programming and robotics. I loved experimenting with Arduino and making functional robots, so when I found out about the FIRST Robotics Competition, I instantly knew I had to take part in it.


Bartek Grochowski

My friend says that even though I never listen to her, my drumming and weird inventions make up for it.

Jakub Maliszewski

I'm more into things such as Smart Home, drones and wireless light or electronic controllers for model rockets.

Filip Mieszkowski

Calm, but creative.

Mikołaj Szmigielski

Aleksander Małkowski

“He who moves not forward, goes backward.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Piotr Sobolewski

Rafał Rytwiński

The most important thing about a robot is not the looks, but the funtionality.

Jakub Sobiecki

I hope the knowladge I gathered while building my own go-karts will come usefull, when building a FRC robot.

Maciej Mikołajczyk

Remember to allways wear safety glasses.

Adam Moszczyński

Why do it youself, when a robot can do it better and faster?


Krzysztof Muniak

I like to program robots, especially when they work correctly.

Franciszek Szewczyk

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Krystian Nowak

If you were to live every day like it's your last, then one day you'll be propably right.

Jakub Miętki

Adam Żyliński

This is Adam.
Adam is one of few people, who know, how to operate in WPLib environment.

Adam is a good programmer.
Be like Adam.

Ignacy Nykiel

Ron Weasley

Kazimierz Ciaś

Please please PLEASE use git.

Mikołaj Kostrzewa

I convert coffee to code.


Kamil Kośnik

When it comes to robots, I love all of them. Well, maybe except the kitchen mixer.

Jakub Twardowski

Mechatronic technician, modeler, elrctronic technician with a passion.

Kacper Orłowski

Mechatronic technician, glider pilot, shaken, not stirred


Zuzanna Ryś

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Julia Biszczuk

Mikołaj Kowalski

Konrad Kohut

Creative, hardworking, multi-tasking

Zuzanna Zdunek

i'm going to achieve my goals and not stop for a second.


Dominik Mieszkowski

To be honest, I dont't like robots. But, at least, if programmed correctly, they can like me.

Martyna Kozon

Well-organized and resourceful person, having a way with everytnig, even the most criticial situation

Aleksander Macioch

"We are number one"

Stefán Karl Stefánsson