Black Raven

Our first FIRST Robotics Competition robot, made in 2020 for a game "INFINITE RECHARGE". Built in 2 months, it can complete almost every task mentioned in the game manual. We're using custom Mecanum wheels in our intake in order to pick up Power Cells, poly belts to store up to 5 balls and 2 pairs of Stealth Wheels attached to 2 NEO motors, providing us enough power to shoot Power Cells into Inner Port from the Trench Run. Our lift mechanism allows us to climb the Shield Generator, securing us extra 25 in-game points.

Our other, individual projects:


Original project of functional smart home


Smart Home

Project of making system for smart home, of which assembly and operation is simple for every user. Whole system is based on ESP8266 and Raspberry Pi. Project is realised in cooperation with Student Science Club of Energetics


Research hovercraft with robot arm


Pusio Podusio

Huge hovercraft used for research. It can explore hard to reach places. Contains a lot of sensors (temperature, pressure, gas concentration etc.), 6 DOF robot arm, 4 turbines for pumping cushion and 2 big turbines to move. It's controlled by 2 people: first person moves Pusio, second one controls robot arm and sensor status.


Helpful tool made from scratch


DIY 3D printer

3D Printer made from scratch, from some parts bought online. This machine is constantly upgraded, so it's always up-to-date with new technology in hardware and software. Has auto bed leveling system. It is being used to make parts for other projects.


Voice assistant based on neural network chat bot



Voice assistant created in Python, based on 80M reddit comments. In the future D.A.R.E.K. is going to cooperate with Smart Home project.


Central home information system


Smart mirror

Thanks to the usage of Raspberry Pi board, it also serves as a IoT devices centre (MQTT Broker), local WWW server (to manage both the mirror and IoT devices), multimedia server, display used to show information gained from the internet, devices in local network and on-board applications.


Physics event simulation program


Physics event simulation program

Written in Python using object programming. Whole code is separated into modules. There are files testing every module and class in code. It has simple GUI and can save files with .xyz extension


…self-built, programmed and hacked


Racing drones

In our team there are many drone enthusiasts. Part of the crew builds them from scratch, others create flight controllers, some design housings for them and then there are ones who even hack them!


NFC Cloud Verification System



Advanced NFC cloud verification system. If someone put their ID card on the identification device it checks in external server that person is on allowed to enter to the room or use one of machines on the concerts and big events.